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About Us

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Message from the Chairman

Our focus of work technology allows us to work seamlessly with our valued clients to be their ‘partner of choice’. Our integrity, transparency and reliability have gone a long way in earning the trust of our valued clients.

From the very beginning we have strived to attain perfection in all the services provided to our clients, and today I feel honored to state that we have been successful in earning their most valuable trust and immense confidence. To this and I must thank the excellent management team and all the employees of the Index Companies for their utmost dedication, diligence, hard work and individual strength. These efforts and strength give us the ability to be the best and achieve greater glory in the ever-changing evolving global business environment.

Message from Director

While our company’s growth over the last five years can be described as phenomenal, we are still determined to achieve greater success and growth in an industry where we have established ourselves as an exceptionally competent and nationally recognized Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd.

In our pursuit of excellence we have taken courageous decisions throughout our business and in doing so we have established new benchmarks in an industry where the demands of delivery are becoming even more stringent. This confidence is attributed by our culture to foster a working environment of free thinking and taking and innovation to new levels. Our distinctive ability to continuously develop and train our talented minds ensures that each individual is geared to reach their full potential both personally and professionally. Our openness to diversity and slick recruitment initiatives allows us to attract the best people.

We also adopt the process of engagement and collaboration with our clients making certain that our service delivery exceeds their expectations. Our proactive role exemplifies our commitment to client satisfaction both as an ethical partner and a contractor of choice.

With initiatives already in place to expand our national presence we are assured that our company is destined for greater success and this can only translate into positive returns for our business, people and clients. Diversity of thought and perspective allows us to recognize opportunities and adapt our strategy to enter new territories and markets.

As a company we are prepared for the toughest of challenges and see opportunity in adversity. It is without any doubt that I can say, we as a dependable business partner to our clients adopt your project vision as ours and take responsibility for each step.

Mohammed Ali

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Executive Summery

Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd.Is an Interior and exterior Design, Consultancy & Project Implementation company. That has been in existence since 2010.

The design business enjoys strong demand as people continue to buy or move into new homes and remodel old ones. The interior design business is a go–out–of–your–house kind of home business. While doing the business aspects inside the home, most of the sales will be done at the client's home or office as you evaluate the space, match color swatches to existing furniture and measure windows for draperies, etc.

The owners of this new design business have been trained and have worked in this sector for a number of years. These skills will play a big role in the success of the business.

The growth of this sector and the fact the Dhaka city that we are setting the shop up in is growing. With little competition from qualified designers, we are confident we will get a strong market share in the current year.


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An overview of Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd.


About Us:

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Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd., a sister concern of Charuta Plus Group, is responsible for Interior & Exterior design, supervision & practical work implementation. Since 2010, we are doing our outstanding performances successfully to satisfy our honorable customers. It is our challenges to meet the requirements & needs of our valued customers by ensuring them our quality, commitment & services. We are always ready to give post handover services to our respected customers. A number of young, energetic & experienced Architects & Designers are with our team having well experienced a number of engineers & interior supervisors & labors. Our field forces are enough experts to give you maximum satisfaction. A large number of prestigious works/ projects already we have successfully done in countrywide.

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Our Concerns:

1. Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd.

2. Charuta plus Adverting Ltd.

KEY PERSONS OF Charuta plus Interior and Exterior Ltd.

1. Mohammed Nurul Amin, Chairman.

M.A, M.phil(DU).

2. Mr. Tajuddin Soboj, Director.


3. Mohammed Ali, Director


4. Mohammad Monir Hossain , Director.

5. Md.Mohammed Aminul Haque (Kajol), Director.

6. Mohammad  Shariful Islam, Interior Architect & Consultant.

Quality Assurance:

Since its establishment in 2010, Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd. has been manifesting itself in the effort to provide a state-of-the-art Interior design &Construction services. For Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd, there is no compromise for quality, starting from staff recruitment, raw materials procurement, design & construction after services to customers with an international standard.

As a purely Bangladeshi own company, Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd, takes a great pride in its ability to meet customers’ requirements. The company currently holds an impressive client portfolio, ranging from locally-recognized companies, restaurants and hotels to international franchises where you might already have stepped in. Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd. is confident that its interior design & Construction services would certainly please you as much as your valuable customers.

Our key strengths

 Superior detailing techniques

 Design development support from experienced Designers

 Experienced technical persons with proven track record

 Value Engineering of the designs provided by Architects.

 One stop solutions suitable to the budget of the client

 After entering the agreement relevant support services to the client




Individuals and Companies have increasingly embraced the significance of interior and exterior designs and decorations for its benefits of aesthetic summery and customized architecture, realizing that these are facets through which a company’s purpose can be symbolized or an individual’s personality exemplified


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This aspect of interior design one amongst many points to the value of our chosen discipline. A value which adds its own intrinsic beauty and personalized touch to both homes and offices creating unique, practical living and working spaces that are tantamount to an effective individual or company’s workforce.


  • Contribution of all staff irrespective of position.


  • Respect for both the individual as a person and for the office he/she holds.


  • Fairness and transparency in all dealings between staff and management.


  • Teamwork



Our mission is full-fill the clients demand where remains our responsible clients ability focusing on maximum beauty, simple, luxurious Aesthetic view, standard, befitting on the basis of time.


  • Delighting customers.


  • Being the best place to work for employees.


  • Being a socially responsible member of the society.


  • Delivering best quality products to our respected clients.


  • Serving post project implementation services to the requirements of the client and providing service in accordance with taste and demand of the clients.


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Our Products and Services

Corporate office, Bank Interior & Exterior ,

Residence Interior & Exterior ,

Resort, Eco- Resort, Five Star Hotel Interior & Exterior,

Showroom Outlet Interior & Exterior,

Restaurant, Cafeteria Interior & Exterior ,


School, College

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We have also completed 500 Apartments 100 office interior design & decoration. 

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Considering the details mentioned above, we firmly believe that Charuta plus Architecture & Interior an advantageous position to meet all the office furnishing and decorating requirements of Human Development Foundation.

We would, therefore, request you to enlist Charuta plus Architecture & Interior Ltd. as a supplier of office furniture and fixtures with your organization for your future requirements. We can assure you that we would be able to provide quality furnishings of your choice for your office at a very competitive and affordable price.

Thanking and Assuring you of our best services at all times